Frank's Laboratory Creative coding tutorials, vanilla JavaScript, HTML canvas, CSS experiments, no frameworks, no libraries

Hi. My name is Frank, I do creative coding tutorials using vanilla JavaScript and HTML canvas. Sometimes I also experiment with CSS.

Check out my YouTube channel, where you can find tutorials for beginners as well as advanced vanilla JavaScript projects. Lately I have been doing a lot of generative art, particle systems effects, JavaScript animations and game development

You can also follow me on Twitter if you want to contact me or see previews of my upcoming tutorials

Splash Letters [Vanilla JavaScript Project Tutorial]

Added at 3:02 pm on June 30, 2020

HTML Canvas Mouse Move Animation Some of you asked for more generative art so today we will build a particle system algorithm and turn in into mouse trail effect that switches into autopilot whenever user stops moving the mouse or leaves the canvas. This tutorial is part of a series – Creative coding with vanilla Read More…

Flappy Bird Game from scratch – Vanilla JavaScript Coding Tutorial

Added at 9:12 pm on June 29, 2020

Flappy Bird is one of the most beginner friendly coding projects. In this HTML canvas game tutorial we will build it from scratch with plain vanilla JavaScript and I will show you how to add particle effects and sprites to make it stand out. No frameworks and no libraries. First we will start with a Read More…