Frank's Laboratory Creative coding tutorials, vanilla JavaScript, HTML canvas, CSS experiments, no frameworks, no libraries

Hi. My name is Frank, I do creative coding tutorials using vanilla JavaScript and HTML canvas. Sometimes I also experiment with CSS.

Check out my YouTube channel, where you can find tutorials for beginners as well as advanced vanilla JavaScript projects. Lately I have been doing a lot of generative art, particle systems effects, JavaScript animations and game development

You can also follow me on Twitter if you want to contact me or see previews of my upcoming tutorials

Star Wars Whack-A-Mole [JavaScript Game Tutorial for Beginners]

Added at 12:48 pm on August 28, 2020

In this JavaScript game tutorial for beginners I will take you step by step though a complete game development process. We will improve our front end web development coding skills and learn about ES6 syntax, event listeners, how to control CSS styles and classes with JavaScript, what’s the difference between setTimeout and setInterval, how to Read More…

Optical illusions with CSS [Project Tutorial for Beginners]

Added at 10:33 pm on August 21, 2020

Welcome to another CSS animation tutorial for beginners. Today we will build animated background effect together. In this series I help you to learn front end web development by taking you step by step through all different kinds of creative HTML and CSS projects. This tutorial is part of a series – CSS 3 Creative Read More…

How to Draw Shapes with JavaScript [HTML5 Canvas Tutorial for Beginners]

Added at 1:40 pm on August 16, 2020

Let’s learn how to draw shapes with JavaScript and create fabulous Fibonacci flowers all from scratch with just plain vanilla JavaScript. In this HTML5 Canvas Tutorial for Beginners we will take a look under the hood to see how canvas 2D API draws shapes and then we use that knowledge to create colorful flowers and Read More…

Particles.js text effect with Vanilla JavaScript (no libraries)

Added at 5:34 pm on August 12, 2020

Let’s take any letter, word or a sentence and in three steps convert it into interactive particles effect. All in Vanilla JavaScript, no frameworks and no libraries. In today’s vanilla JavaScript text animation tutorial we will learn how to give particles some motion physics and apply forces such as friction and acceleration, then we will Read More…