Let’s learn how to draw shapes with JavaScript and create fabulous Fibonacci flowers all from scratch with just plain vanilla JavaScript.

In this HTML5 Canvas Tutorial for Beginners we will take a look under the hood to see how canvas 2D API draws shapes and then we use that knowledge to create colorful flowers and seashells using so called ‘Fibonnacci flower formula’, also known as ‘Phyllotaxis’ and ‘Golden ratio’. This video will be very beginner friendly, you will be surprised how much you can do with so little JavaScript.

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This HTML5 Canvas Tutorial for Beginners will be focused on the HTML canvas element and it’s fundamentals. We will look into how it works under the hood and where are all these methods that allow us to draw shapes come from and we will learn how to draw shapes with JavaScript Fibonacci sequence starts specifically with 0 and 1 and it is a very common interview question where you will asked to write an algorithm that returns numbers that create Fibonacci sequence. To draw so called Fibonacci flowers we don’t necessarily have to start with 0 and 1, we can also start with any two numbers we want, the only rule we cannot break is that each number in the sequence is the sum of the two preceding numbers.

Good luck on your learning journey 🙂

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