HTML Canvas Particles – JavaScript project tutorial for beginners

Do you want to bring your website to life? In today’s JavaScript project tutorial for beginners I will take you through a step by step process on how to create your first particle system on HTML canvas element. We will give particles physics (wind and gravity) and we will learn how to make particles bounce. Then in the second part of this tutorial we will set up collision detection with a regular website element, for example h1 title element, but it will work with any HTML element you choose.

Welcome to my JavaScript laboratory where we practice HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create all different kinds of interactive animated effects. That includes games, generative art, webdesign elements and much more. In each JavaScript tutorial I take you step by step through the code base as we build our project from scratch.

And that’s not all, we don’t use any libraries or frameworks so not only we build cool stuff, but in the process we also learn fundamental JavaScript techniques. These techniques are completely transferable to other kinds of front end web development projects and will help you to pass your coding interview and get your first programming job.

Have fun 🙂

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