Flappy Bird Game from scratch – Vanilla JavaScript Coding Tutorial

Flappy Bird is one of the most beginner friendly coding projects. In this HTML canvas game tutorial we will build it from scratch with plain vanilla JavaScript and I will show you how to add particle effects and sprites to make it stand out. No frameworks and no libraries.

First we will start with a solid good quality base game skeleton…

… and then I’ll show you how to add some extra features like particle effects, scrolling backgrounds and how to include any sprites you want so you can make the game unique.

Character sprite sheets made by http://bevouliin.com/ You can visit their website to view a huge selection of animated sprites and game backgrounds. There are couple of free samples available, but also consider supporting them by purchasing some of the more unique game assets to make your project stand out.

Please like the video on YouTube if you want to see more tutorials like this in the future. Have fun coding 🙂

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