Star Wars Whack-A-Mole [JavaScript Game Tutorial for Beginners]

In this JavaScript game tutorial for beginners I will take you step by step though a complete game development process.

We will improve our front end web development coding skills and learn about ES6 syntax, event listeners, how to control CSS styles and classes with JavaScript, what’s the difference between setTimeout and setInterval, how to use clearInterval, difference between const and let variables and between regular JavaScript functions and ES6 arrow functions and much more. This will be very beginner friendly and I will explain everything so you can better understand how JavaScript works, use these skills to level up as a Front end web developer and get one step closer to getting hired for your first coding job.

We will build a complete Star Wars inspired whack-a-mole game together from scratch. No frameworks and no libraries, I will explain every line of code as we go along as I always do.

My name is Frank and I am a self taught Front End Web Developer. I learned everything I know in my free time from structured Udemy courses and YouTube project tutorials just like this one. If I could do it you can do it to.

Some of my favourite UDEMY courses: JavaScript Beginner Bootcamp (2020)
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This tutorial is part of a series – Creative coding with vanilla JavaScript and HTML canvas COMPLETE PLAYLIST:–6IPYNh

n this JavaScript tutorial we will build a complete project from scratch and focus on techniques that are important for beginners to understand so you can build up your skills towards the more advanced stuff. We will learn about Math,floor and Math.random, return keyword, if statements, classList add and classList remove, set timeout and set interval. I will also show you how to properly use clearInterval, I noticed it’s not easy for many people so let’s take confusion out of that today. I also will show you difference between regular functions and ES6 arrow functions and couple more things.

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Let’s build a JavaScript game together 🙂 Have fun 😀

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  1. hi Frank,sorry for this but i’m completely new to everything. I can’t seem to locate the the project images source anywhere here,please assist me.

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